About Morning Glory Greenhouse Systems, LLC
MGGS, LLC was established in October of 2011 as a partnership of Archiopolis Architects, LLC, Midwest Renewable Energy, LLC and Element Business Solutions, Inc.  We offer what we believe now is the most cutting edge green, sustainable, energy efficient and renewable energy powered modular commercial hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouses available anywhere in the world today.

It's design and development has taken Archiopolis Architects, LLC over 4 years to perfect.  The motivational force for the creation of this unique commercial greenhouse design was driven by a desire to help feed a world population that is over 7 billion people now that is projected by population experts to grow to be over 9 billion people by 2050.  Producing fresh high quality locally produced and organic hydroponically and aquaponically grown vegetables and spices "year-round" in northern climates like Michigan is now a reality!

Morning Glory Greenhouse Systems, LLC is located in Ann Arbor, MI and is sharing office space with it's parent firm Archiopolis Architects, LLC (2005). Since we opened, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our growing family of eco-friendly businesses.  A few firms may offer similar services, but we believe our services are cutting edge in renewable energy use and eco-friendly in design and sustainable materials, and come with the personal touch of always working with one of our firm's principals
A Modular Northern Climate Hybrid Solar Commercial Hydroponic Greenhouse
About Our Northern Climate Hybrid Solar Commercial Hydroponic Greenhouse
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A Modular Northern Climate Hybrid Solar Comercial Hydroponic Greenhouse Features:
Green & Sustainable Features
*  "Year-Round" Northern Climate Fresh Local Organic Hydroponic         Vegetable and Spice Plant Production
*  Hydroponic Plant Growing Systems (Hydroponic Plant Growing        Channels on Pipe Rails & Floor Located Dutch Bato Buckets)
*  Use of Organic Fertilizers in the Hydroponic Plant Growing Systems
*  North Roof Rainwater Collection, 500 Gal. Storage Tanks (2) and      GH Distribution System for Replenishing the Hydroponic Nutrient      Enriched Water Tanks and the Wet Sand Thermal Mass Floor
*  Modular GH Manufacturer Galvanized Steel Trusses @ 12'-0" O.C.    with 12 / 12 Roof Slopes and Extruded Aluminum GH Manufacturer    Framing / Glazing System @ 4'-0" O.C. Minimizes Material Waste    and Maximizes Ease of Construction
*  50+ Years Estimated Building Service Life (Quality of Building          Materials, Construction, Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Systems      Equivalent to a New Residence @ $175 - $200 / S.F.)
Pivoting Insulating Reflectors (4 @ 11'-8" X 19'-4") in Down Position - 75% Reduction in Winter Nighttime Heat Loss + Summer Overheat Protection with PIV's in Down Position
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Pivoting Insulating Reflectors (4 @ 11'-8" X 19'-4") in Up Position - 50% Increase in Winter Daytime Solar Light Gain to Hydroponically Grown Vegetables and Spices at Floor Level
*  Indoor hydroponically grown vegetable crops use 1/10 the water of    outdoor soil based grown vegetable crops.
*  With climate change, northern climates will become much hotter        and dryer places in the coming years, making it imperative that        more of our food be grown hydroponically under glass year-round.